SalCium® anti aging serum at different spectrum. Instead of using collagen and hyaluronic as a filler or vitamin C (chemical name ascorbic acid), which quality deteriorate rapidly within weeks after contact with moisture or water.

After years of observing and testing from using collagen, vitamin C, vitanin A and hyaluronate that found in most anti aging materials in the market. We found that it only gives the consumers superficial result to the consumers.

To think out of the box, we go different path, we use telomere technology to protect our skin cell’s aging process.  And you can search online to know more about “telomere”.  If it scientific terminology confused or set you off.  In simple words, it is one of the structures inside a cell that determine a cell’s life expectancy, another words aging process.

Sound like a wishful thinking?  Ya, that is what what our customer dream of. And our mission is to make it dream come true. Just like the song “Dreams” by Gabrielle

This technology to ensure cells prolong it aging cycle, as oppose to Vitamin A or Alpha hydroxy Acids (AHAs), which cause cell dead and thinning of the skin, which might look shine in the beginning, but unfortunately, which will also make our skin expose to harmful environment such as UV, chemicals in the air and products that you put on your skin. This accelerate inevitably develop vicious cycle.

We don’t want our users to fall into this trap of vicious cycle, that is why we look into other perspective. Then where did we learn it from? The nature. Particularly starfish and jellyfish, million years of surviving evolution, they give the best subject to study and learn about cell rejuvenating!

Crows feet and wrinkles
Crows feet and fine lines
Fine lines under eyes bag