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When come to acne or pimple out break, you will get to hear from a lot “experts” and even media brainwash you because your skin is oily, or your skin is dirty. Is that true? But your intuition tell you not, and if next time any “expert” tell you because your pimple break out is due to dirty clogged pore or oily skin, you can ask them back, how come those dirty beggar, his/her skin is much better than me? And how about those car mechanic, their working environment is oily, chemical and dirty yet their skin are better than my skin?

Then the solution from these “experts”? Use short-cut method like tretinoid and steroids to treat your acne.  Tretinoid is a potent form of vitamin A call retinoic acid, it speed up the cell metabolism, thus cause dry and peeling.  Because it speed up cell renewal, it warns pregnant women should not use it, as it might cause fetus deformation during development. Can you notice the conundrum?

And you might ask, what about the steroids that you mentioned? Your can search online “acne steroids”, prolong usage will thin the skin and eventually fall into sensitive skin vicious cycle.

Almost 25 years in this industry, we take no short cut nor compromise with prohibit drug or steroids in our formulation to treat sensitive problem like acne.

Yes, it really took us that long to fine tune a simple product that help our customers to fight pimple.

It helps to balance the yin and yang on our skin.  After 2-3 weeks application, you not only discover the pimples reduce and subside but also find no “cyst” beneath the skin.  Oh and yes your skin remain supple.


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Acne on the cheek
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