Intensive BT

It is SalCium’s another milestone to come up a simple and easy solution for annoying skin breakout. And we simply call it “Intensive BT – breakout solution”.

The features of this fabulous solution are:

100% botanical base
No alcohol (cause drying)
No benzoyl peroxide (drying effect)
No steroid (eg. dexamethasone acetate)
No tretinoin (cause drying, during pregnancy is advised not to use)

The benefits of our breakout solution

No drying or peeling
Mildly hydrating
Mildly refine pore
Relatively effective (average around 5 days)
Completely clear breakout without leaving “harden cyst” under the skin

How to use:

Spray Intensive BT on a cleaned hand, then using another hand to dip and apply it on and around the breakout area with gentle circulate motion until it half dry. Recommended use twice a day.

Note: If the breakout has pus or oil seed, please press it out, water clean it, pad dry, then apply it as directed. After breakout is cleared, please use our Syner-G Toner and Healthy Face Emulsion for general purpose.

It helps to balance the yin and yang on our skin.  After 2-3 weeks application, you not only discover the pimples reduce and subside but also find no “cyst” beneath the skin.  Oh and yes your skin remain supple.


Mild Acne
Forehead Acne
Acne on the cheek