SalCium Body Wash

This is our very first product launched in the market way before people recognize our brand.

It is also our first concept to launch a body cleanser that is natural, free of synthetic foaming agent and strictly free from any kind preservative.

And since it is our longest product in the market,  We rather use our customer’s words to describe it than our own words.

“I buy it simply because it is safe and natural for my family”

“Used to be easily get itchy. After using it, my skin no more itchy”

“I have darker skin tone, after using about 3 months, I notice my skin is fairer”

“Since it is natural, I tried it on my frequent white-discharge, it works marvelous!”

“My colleague recommended, I use it on my chapped heels, a month later my heels become smooth! No more lotion and scrapping”

“I like it because the smell never linger on my skin after bath”

“I like it because it has no slimy sticky feel especially after shower in a hot day.”

You might ask why this body cleanser works like magic.  Beside it contain blend of temperate to tropical oils, it is also fused with botanical extracts that work synergistically.

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