SalCium®’s natural hair grow system is one of our most pride product. It was recognised domestically as well as oversea.  How this products were developed?  It begun many years ago, the owner himself had hair thinning problem (see the flyer’s front page small insert picture).  Without compromised with drugs, hormone and steroids that filled in the drugs stores.  His efforts paid off after countless trials and errors.  His already thin hair restored back to origin!

Like many people, he shared the good news with someone closed and professional people in the filed.  Of course, people that are close notice the changes!

To appreciate trust and support from our loyal customers, besides drug, alcohol and animal free content.  It is now also preservative free!

Two simple products, not simply reduce hair fall and promote hair grow but also come with 6 extra great features.  Complex problems by simple solution!

Not all our trusted customers have hair fall or hair thinning problems. Most are due to sensitive scalp, oily scalp, dandruff or just simply hair become very thin and fragile due to old age. Yes, we provide the solutions too!  That is what we called holistically worthiness!

SalCium® is an export oriented brand.  We gain our recognition domestically as well as internationally.

ASEAN IN Award 2017
The Feminine Award 2017
Hong Kong Beauty Award 2018
SMECorp Achievement 2018

Domestic and International Safety Assessment Analysis

Malaysia National Toxicology Test
Steroids and Drugs Tests
ShenZhen Drugs Test
Drugs, Hormone and Sensitive Tests
Hong Kong and NingPo Custom Test
Import Assessment Test Report

Trusted and Supported by Celebrity Artists

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