FRF SOD Facial Cleanser

It is another hallmark of our Research and Development achievement. As usual, we strive to give our best quality product to our customers.

Our skin is our body biggest organ, it is not just helping us to regulate our body temperature, dispose waste as sweat but also constantly facing harmful attack from germs, harmful chemicals and physical damage like UV and dust particles. So, choosing a good cleaning product is vital.

SalCium’s newly developed facial cleanser not only helps to remove dirt and dead cell deeply (thus clear blackhead), yet it assists in maintaining our protective oil layer without drying effect. Beside of those challenging uncompromising functions, it also helps to fight free radicals destruction that our skin keep facing. Because of its potency function, so we named this new product FRF SOD (Free Radical Fighter Superoxide Dismutase) facial cleanser. Clean fresh face allow your skin care products more easily to blend in. We are glad that we achieve this remarkable product, and we are pleased to share it with you. Our testers love at first use, we hope you too!

After an hour, without applying anything, you will sense firmness on your cheek, and natural pore visibly refined! Few more hours, your skin will soft and supple as skin cells “awaken” 

The benefits of FRF SOD Facial Cleanser

  • Deep cleaning ( readily extract dirt, UV cream powder and dead skin)
  • Keep vital lipid layer on our skin to prevent it from drying
  • Protect skin from free radical damages
  • Restore skin’s fairness and glow
  • Refine pore and fine wrinkle
  • 100% natural source

The features of FRF SOD Facial Cleanser

  • Strictly No SLS, SLES or any synthetic cleaning agent
  • No animal content
  • No paraben or its derivatives
  • No methylchloroisothiazolinone (common preservative found in many cleansers) or its equivalents 
  • 100% botanical base
  • No difficult to rinse slimy residue 
  • Biodegradable 

Usage direction:

Wet your hands, pour a bit on one hand, rub to create foam, apply the foam evenly on the face, nose and forehead areas  (avoid eyes area) in circulate motion to remove dirt and dead cells. Rinse off with plenty of fresh cool water.

If you have dull dark skin, apply very thin layer on the face as night cream before sleeping ( no rinse off ). DO NOT apply other cream!!! Your skin will naturally fair after 3 – 6 weeks.

Apply Syner-G solution and Perfect Moist for better result.