FRF SOD Facial Cleanser

SalCium® FRF SOD Facial Cleanser gradually gain its popularity through our loyal user’s words of mouth.

Before we go into full details about this marvelous facial cleanser. What is FRF SOD stand for? FRF SOD mean Free Radical Fighter SuperOxide Dismutase.  Another simple definition mean it is a very powerful antioxidant despite it come in a very simple bottle.  Perhaps you can say it is “genie in a bottle”!

SalCium’s FRF SOD cleanser is formulated from a unique blend of premium botanical oils from tropical to  subtropital.  It strictly contains no synthetic foaming agent, animal product and without any preservative too.  And to many of our consumer’s surprise, it is very stable and longer it is kept, better quality it becomes. That is technically no expiry date.

Our customers feel the awe when they found that this cleanser beside able to deep clean the skin but also can use as night serum to brighten skin tone and reduce fine line.  Of course it can, after all it is natural and no preservative.

Then again, this is just another SalCium’s holistically worthiness product.

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