SalCium is an innovative and dynamic brand. We have been in the market since 2002. SalCium this name is created, because we think skin care should begin from our cellular level. If we take good care of our cells, then our skin will get healthy, as a result of those common skin problems like dryness, sensitivity, pigmentation and wrinkle will also diminish over time.

By fusing tradition wisdom and modern technology, BioCium is one of our engineered key ingredients in SalCium.

SalCium’s Policy

We not just formulate our unique products but we also base on our SENSE to architect our products too. The word SENSE carry its meaning

Sustainable: the products ingredients do not allow contain any rare or endanger fauna and flora listed in IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature)

Ethical: Our sources are mainly derived from botanical materials and we do not run experiment on animals

Natural: At least 95% of our content is as natural as possible

Safe: Not just effective but safe too, and DO NOT compromise with prohibited ingredients

Effective: Must feel satisfactory and DO NOT compromise with drug, steroid or hormone

Achievement & Recognition

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