Perfect Moist

We spend a lot of thought to develop a moisturizer that have following characters:

  1. Unconventional That is, by not using conventional moisturising ingredients like glycerin, sodium PCA or hyaluronate.
  2. Not oily Suitable for all skin type and non comedogenic
  3. Non animal source as one of our brand’s policy

Sound like a wishful thinking?  Ya, that is what we wish for.

And we get the inspiration from nature’s best moisturizer, which have been valued for centuries in Eastern culture. Yup, you guess it right, bird nest!

Premium value of bird nest not just because it is rare and difficult of harvest, but also scientifically known for its true quality

But in SalCium, we stand firm on our brand’s principle, that is strictly no animal raw material.

Bird nest is come from swiftlet’s saliva, which to make their nest.  We consider destroy someone’s house for our purpose is selfish and gruesome. And apply an animal’s saliva on your face don’t you think some how is gross?

So these reasons, we imitate the nature by using vegetable protein instead, but yet able to deliver its highly valued quality without sacrifice the swiftlet babies become homeless.

And yes, our long time loyal customers praise its worthiness.

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