Perfect Moist

Bird nest soup, in ancient China, only the upper class to royal family could afford and had the luxury to enjoy a bowl of bird nest soup. Bird nest is expensive because of its rarity, and difficult to harvest (often in steep mountain slope wall), as a result collecting bird nest is a life threatening dangerous job.

Its beneficial values are well documented in many old “materia medica” texts, it has the property of nourishing the “yin” and revitalize the “yang”. And in modern day’s scientific study, Professor YC Kong from The Chinese University of Hong Kong pointed out in his study of bird nest (Comp. Biochem. Physiol. B. Vol.87 pp.221-226), natural bird nest contains relatively high amount of Epidermal Growth Factor, EGF. The EGF protein able to help cells multiply, restore and recover.

Please noted that SalCium’s Perfect Moist contain no sodium hyaluronate, a common ingredient that can be found in most moisturizer. Hyaluronic acid is a powerful water absorbent, it act like diaper ingredient, absorb surrounding water. SalCium Perfect Moist’s mechanism of moisturizing is totally different, as mentioned above, Perfect Moist restore moist within cells; hyaluronic acid create a watery film on the skin’s surface, once wash, it is gone!


So in dermatological term, the benefits of SlCium Perfect Moist are:-

Moist dry skin
Reduce fine wrinkles
Firm up overall skin
Fade age brown spots
Visible result in one bottle
Refine natural open pore due to dryness or ageing

The features of SalCium’s Perfect Moist are:

Water base
Light serum
No alcohol
Birdnest essence plus botanical extracts
Non comedogenic

Application Direction:

After toner, press out few drops of Perfect Moist on a palm, dip our fingers and apply it evenly on the face. While semi dry, apply it with Stemina, Cella White or Perfect White for superb result.

This product is one of our well praised item, we hope our new users like it too.