Cella White

Cella White

When come to brighten skin tone.  It is a challenging affair. Why it is challenging? Well…most of the whitening products in the market have following features that we think you might not like to hear

  1. Bleaching, the usual ingredients are hydroquinone and mercury
  2. Peeling, the common ingredients are alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) and retinoic acid or its derivatives.  Constant peeling will make your skin thin and prone to UV and elevate sensitivity

And we don’t think you like those ingredients in your whitening regime.

In order to stand out among the rest, meanwhile give no harmful chemicals to our users. We developed one of its kind whitening lotion that let your skin to recover its fairness just like you were younger, no matter prolong outdoor activities exposure, you were able to restore its brightness in no time.

The active ingredients of Cella White are blend of fine quality botanical oils and bio-technologically derived fermented extracts, which help the skin to clear off harmful free-radicals that induced by UVs and our own aging process due to stress that depositing brown spots.

Despite these friendly formulation, we also ask our value customers try stop using any UV product, just purely experience SalCium’s three simple products (FRF SOD Facial Cleanser, Perfect Moist and Cella White) is suffice enough to see the changes.

And the feedback from our users telling us their happy stories, results are astounding from as fast as a week to a month, despite without any peeling or bleaching effects.


Side note, SalCium never develop UV cream, because all the active ingredients are not good for our skin. They are controlled item just like preservative, that is, it is allowed certain percentage to be used in the formula under health regulation.  After all, a healthy skin should have the ability to do just that.